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Whether you're just starting out, have lost your confidence or just want to improve on your skills, let us help you reach your goals.

We offer lessons for kids and adults ages 6 and up.

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We offer special package price discounts for multiple lessons and we even offer a special reduced rate package for those who wish to have their horse trained while they are out of town.

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Amy Rosemann


4 for 4 !

Specializing in the Training of Tennessee Walking horses and other gaited breeds utilizing Classical, Traditional and Natural Horsemanship Techniques


Amy and Polly Roberts are now also training Minature horses for driving carts. Great fun.


Amy has completed the Level 3 Masters Course towards Richard Shrake Resistance Free* Accreditation Program to become a certified trainer/instructor.


Show Schedule





Sept. 13-14, 2014

Cactus Clasic Horse Show

Scottsdale, AZ



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